Holly English is an interdisciplinary artist coming to the end of her MA at Chelsea College of Art.

She is co. founder at The Last Cochineal- a community researching mutuality and consumption and home to the TRANS TEMPORAL SUPPER CLUB, and co. author of the ‘Potato Money’ initiative.


My practice is rooted in social anthropology, seeking out mutualistic connections through attempts at service and outreach. Through this work I evidence creativity and comfort from human shortcomings, whilst seemingly naive disruptions to social norms and etiquette allow expedient futures to play out.

I want to question our ideas of human supremacy and ask how we might improve our relationships and function as more sympathetic beings. Existing and non-human symbiotic relationships goad me into examining our systems and rituals and what these perpetuate, from how we eat through to jobs and our economic systems. Kindness culture and historically non valued domestic work act as a familiar platform from which to begin take more responsibility and enact more congruous choices.

Using playful language and gesture I move with the conviction and logic of a small child, approaching absurdity while maintaining the utmost sincerity. Using low-fi materials such as cardboard, bread, cellotape and pebbles I create seemingly callow but poetic displays of hospitality. Whether a dinner host, a bartender, a do-good food waste collector or a potato mother I look to convey the best of intentions and beget leniency in all that I offer.