Holly English is a British artist working across a variety of mediums. She is interested in the things and ideas that we value.

Currently her work is taking various forms which are mostly split in to defined sections, more like activities which she moves between, never accomplishing a great deal.

There is continuity in the unnecessarily convoluted way that the work is often produced. This reflects the feeling of worth she understands to come from working harder than is comfortable.

In her last solo show ‘ARE YOU DOING WORTHWHILE WORK?’ English posed a question which perhaps asked us to be more present in our choices, whilst simultaneously wasting our time on pointing out superficial connections between objects or works otherwise unrelated. The installation appeared to be a 3-d spider diagram and had a humorous faux-cerebral aesthetic.      H.English (3rd person) 

Holly English is represented by Henrietta Cartwright and the Line Gallery