Holly English is a British artist working across a variety of mediums. She is interested in the things and ideas that we value.

Holly is currently studying for her MA at Chelsea College of Arts



My practice is  based in social anthropology and manifests semi-autobiographically through public engagement and performative making. I utilise humour and narrative to set up unassuming and haphazard scenarios or sets which facilitate conversation and hand the audience responsibility for their own engagement.

The work sits in a space between sincerity and ridicule, evidencing creativity and comfort from human shortcomings, whilst seemingly naive disruptions to social norms and etiquette allow expedient futures to play out. I use low-fi materials such as cardboard and selotape, bread and pebbles to establish an aesthetic of having tried my best. Everything is bitty and handwritten and has always been very thoroughly touched. Text and signage nod to an objective, spouting absurd truisms which invite metaphorical interpretation.

Living in a small town with a very strong sense of community feeds heavily in to my practice. Often I will create a job for myself within the work as a tongue in cheek sort of self affirmation. This allows me to explore a discourse surrounding social value and role fulfilment.

My research focuses on kindness culture and historically non valued domestic work in relation to capitalism. I envisage the rewiring of our thoughts on more instinctive human work and it’s potential for creativity in day to day life.  I am driven by ecocentrist aspirations and look to other species for coping strategies to alleviate human problems.


Holly is represented by Select Gallery and the Line Gallery