can you hear the potatoes laughing?


Try to picture it.

There is a dust cloud, it’s a long way away, and 113 light days away from that, a wonderful generous black hole is living and breathing for the dust cloud. It’s heart beats for the dust cloud as well as itself, and asks nothing in return, nothing apparent. The dust cloud is made aware through earth scientists who love to find the cold hard truth, and it is so thankful, brimming with love. From so far away it cannot express thanks easily, but we can have a small party and do it with our spirits.

Now imagine you are old and a friend is brushing your hair


It doesn’t seem real yet.

And the trouble is that you are intervening too much with me. It feels futile but if I could just be granted my homeostasis so that I could potter unimpeded.

I can hear them

It’s so lovely to hear them having a good time

little potato eggs inside

Let me help you